My goal is to improve the quality of life of seniors and help them maintain their independence by assisting with everyday financial affairs.

Susan founded her business in 2010 to serve older adults by removing the burden of paying bills and organizing paperwork. A Certified Senior Advisor® and certified Professional Daily Money Manager®, Susan is an experienced professional who understands the needs of seniors, as well as their families and caregivers.

Being passionate about organizing, Susan loves to bring order to anything, especially daily money management and financial paperwork. Susan strives to help seniors stay independent, secure, and in control of their personal finances. And because of her business background and work with seniors over the past 30 years, she knows who to turn to for legal, tax, and investment referrals, in addition to her many contacts in the medical and care-giving communities.

Susan is a native of Hampton Roads, Virginia and graduated from Christopher Newport University. She enjoys volunteering in her church and community.

Why Call Susan?

Susan serves seniors with the utmost integrity, fairness, and professionalism. Her patience and calm demeanor reduces the stress of her clients and their family members.

Susan is trustworthy and reliant. Financial information is kept confidential and secure, and she always acts in the best interest of her clients.

Susan works to stay current with issues affecting seniors and informed about community services and resources available.

Susan always respects clients’ rights and treats them with care and compassion, resulting in lasting relationships.

Susan refers clients to other service providers, or consults with professionals, when additional knowledge and expertise is needed.

Daily Money Management Services


Checks are prepared for signature by you or your personal representative and accounts are reconciled.


An analysis of your income and spending is prepared and budgets are created to help you stay on track.


Mail is sorted, junk mail is discarded, and sensitive information is shredded.


Files are organized and updated according to your needs.


Statements are balanced monthly and checked for accuracy and any unusual activity.


Invoices and Medicare Explanation of Benefits are checked for accuracy.   Companies are contacted regarding any problems or discrepancies.


Documents are organized and deductible expenses are calculated.


Refer and work with your legal, tax, and financial advisors, as well as other professionals.

How It Works

All work is done with you in the privacy of your home. In home daily money management helps seniors maintain independence and control while providing peace of mind. This service includes mail management, bill paying, financial and tax organization, budgeting, and insurance paperwork. Clients are billed an hourly rate for time spent in or outside of the home on client matters.  Payment is made at time of service.

We start with an initial free consultation to get acquainted and discuss your needs, look at your paperwork, and decide how to move forward. Family members are welcome at this meeting.

Benefits of Daily Money Management

  • Services are unique and individualized for the needs of each client
  • More time for family and friends and to travel the world
  • An analysis of spending and income is provided to help you stay on track
  • Reduces clutter and removes the frustrations of late fees, unopened mail, and cancelled policies
  • Files and records are maintained for accountants and financial advisors
  • Day to day financial tasks are handled professionally and confidentially
  • Reduces the stress of families who balance work while caring for an elderly loved one
  • Improve your credit score and reduce interest rates
  • Reduce opportunities for suspected elder abuse and exploitation
  • Phone plans and insurance rates are reviewed to make sure you are getting the best rate
  • Those who have lost a spouse who handled the paperwork can have peace of mind that bills are paid and records are up to date and accurate

What Clients Say

Thank you for everything you have done these past years for me as well.  You made my journey somewhat easier to deal with.  Rest assured should anyone I know need help, I will surely recommend you.  You have been a pleasure to work with.

D.S., daughter of senior client

Susan is honest, reliable, and experienced. We have a very good relationship – she’s caring, honest, sincere, good thinking ability with excellent skills and is good at problem solving. She’s charming, delightful, and possesses a very calming manner, which is her chief attribute and has been helping me for a few years now. Susan is a pleasure to work with and know.

J.T., 81 year old client

Susan has done a wonderful job, both while my mother was alive and after she passed.  I appreciate her concern and desire to fulfill my mom’s wishes. My family is lucky to have had Susan working for my mom. I truly respect any and all of Susan’s decisions.

D.D., son of senior client

What a blessing it is to me that my aunt has trusted Susan with her finances. She has said many times that was one thing she did right! She has really been happy with Susan and how she was so kind and patient with my aunt as she had a hard time trusting others to help her complete all her finances.

P.B., niece of senior client

I recommend Susan because she helped me see my changed financial circumstances. She also helped me come to terms with what my life will be like from now on. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Susan.

S.T., 77 year old client

When my father was stricken with Alzheimer’s, I found myself with a pile of bills and needing help to get everything in order, including taxes and investments. Susan has gotten things in order and explains everything as we go along. I continue to rely on her advice and expertise.

C.M., 67 year old client

My aunt began to need additional support in her mid-80s. We found Susan’s skills invaluable to guide us and help to make major decisions as my aunt progressed through the continuing care process (independent living, assisted living, and nursing care). We relied on Susan for advice and for organization of details through the death, funeral, and settlement of the estate. Our family appreciates Susan's services which thus allowed us to focus more on the emotional support we needed to give and to mourn knowing that important details were attended to correctly and professionally. We highly recommend Susan's services.

M.A., niece of senior client

Susan is always very professional and handles everything in a timely manner.  I couldn’t be happier with her work.

L.C., client


How To Get In Touch

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(757) 470-4220